Sheet Metal Fabrication

What Is Sheet Metal Fabrication?

Sheet metal fabrication is a manufacturing process in which parts are formed from thin metal sheets. Sheet metal is generally and specifically sheet steel materials, with good cold working forming properties and welding properties. Sheet metal is a comprehensive cold working process for thin metal plates (usually less than 6mm), including shearing, punching, cutting, laminating, folding, welding, riveting, bending, splicing and forming etc. The significant feature is the same thickness of the same part. The texture is relatively soft.

Our sheet metal fabrication services provide a quick and competitively priced custom sheet metal fabrication solution for any part that needs to be fabricated from 3D CAD files or engineering drawings. A high degree of accuracy and understanding of process capabilities and tolerances reduces production time and costs for the manufacturing process. View Well can supply any number of sheet metal parts in small or large production runs. View Well offers a wide variety of sheet metal materials including aluminum, copper, steel and stainless steel, as well as assembly services, welding and finishing services. If you have a need, feel free to contact us.

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