Manufacturing Capacity

CNC Machining

From stainless steel,aluminium alloy to titanium alloy,from CNC to Turning Milling composite processing technology,from sandblasting,polishing to PVD and anodic oxidation and other surface treatment processes,combined with independently developed automation and visual inspection technology,precise metal parts with stringent size and appearance requirements are provided to consumer electronics industry.

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Sheet Metal Fabrication

We provide precision sheet metal processing and have high technical level and strong technical team in sheet metal fabrication.

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View well has leading tooling development and manufacturing capabilities in the field of continuous precision stamping, combined with self-developed automation and inspection technologies to achieve efficient multi-process in-line production, delivering metal structural parts with high requirements for dimensional precision and flatness to customers for cell phone antennas, earpieces, linear motors and other products.

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Quality Assurance

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  • CNC Machining

  • Sheet Metal Fabrication

  • Stamping

  • Quality Assurance

Automotive Accessories

CNC machining is commonly used in the automotive industry. All of our services can be leveraged to meet industry trends like autonomous driving, hybrid drive trains, and high-end, user-specific customizations, delivering flexibility to automotive supply chains.

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Consumer Electronics

The consumer products industry covers the vast majority of products that are used in our everyday lives. VIEW WELL mainly produce high-precision hardware parts for consumer electronics such as 5G products, smart phones, tablet computers, notebook computers, digital cameras, digital TVs, etc.

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Industrial Product

we have the expertise and equipment needed to deliver high-quality precision machined parts and products for a wide range of applications, including those within the industrial products.

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Telecommunication Parts

Many telecommunication products molding rely on computer numeric control (CNC) machining and milling to ensure optimal precision and consistency.

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Medical Parts

Our experience in manufacturing solutions for medical devices allows us to meet the health and fitness sectors' stringent and unique needs. We are a quality-driven, one-stop-supplier for medical device with low-volume production, rapid prototyping, and material diversity.

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  • Automotive Accessories

  • Consumer Electronics

  • Industrial Product

  • Telecommunication Parts

  • Medical Parts

Strength Display

Production Strength

Two factories of CNC machining and sheet metal stamping, with a plant area of more than 12000 square meters

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Fast Delivery

Perfect product service process and advanced management system

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Quality Assurance

Star quality laboratory equipped with various testing equipment

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About Us

View Well was founded in 2003, specializing in machining, stamping and sheet metal precision parts production services. At present, we have more than 150 employees, including more than 50 engineers and technicians. View more >

  • 2003


  • 150+


  • 12,000

    Factory Area

  • 200+

    Production Equipment